About Us

When hiring a painting company it is important to know that not all painting companies operate at the same level that we do.  When hiring a painting company, you need to know the facts to ensure you get the results you deserve.

  • Paint Proz is a 100% full-time painting company with thousands of satisfied customers.  Our employees don’t have any distractions of another job that an individual contractor or part-time painting company may have (there are a lot of those).
  • Paint Proz paints daily and has a large portfolio of commercial and residential jobs.  This means we know exactly what you need and will not be guessing to the type of products, timelines, etc. Simply put we know painting!
  • In ALL cases you will be speaking with the owner and operator directly when discussing your project. We are not sub contractors and we do not sell your leads to other companies. When you work with us, you will be getting the most professional crew directly from Paint Proz and only Paint Proz.
  • The equipment and painting supplies we use are all top notch to ensure that every job finishes within our high standards.  Be aware that many companies will use cheap paints and products to keep you coming back very often.  Ask about our paint supplies during your free consultation.
  • The owner of Paint Proz is friendly and does not question your request or criticism with anger. We welcome all insights from our home owners and residential mangers before, during and after the project.  We want you to be 110% happy with even the smallest jobs.  Our competitors are known for turning into grumpy contractors when asking for touch ups or just general questions.

Don’t leave your painting project in the hands of the wrong companies.  Trust that Paint Proz, brings you experience and high level painting solutions in a professional and affordable service.  Now that you know the facts, please contact us for your free consultation or for just general information.